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Adopt a Family for Christmas!

Adopt-a- Family Christmas Hearts


Imagine as a child growing up never experiencing the love and joy of Christmas. For many children in our community this is a reality.

OFKS would like to connect you to a family where you could provide a full Christmas Celebration (food, tree, lights and gifts) to 250 families in our community that are dealing with poverty this Christmas.

The cost to Adopt a Family for Christmas and create lifelong memories while celebrating the birth of our Savior is just $250 for a family of four (4).
For $500 you can sponsor a larger family.  
When we have a family in need, the goal is to provide for the whole family - children and parents.

Let us know how large or small of a family you'd like to adopt.
We will find a family that fits your budget.
We will send you a Christmas list for each family member and the rest is up to you!
You purchase & wrap the gifts and we then set up delivery!

Invite your family, friends and network to Adopt a Family this Christmas!
Inviting parents, adult children, aunts, uncles, cousins - the more, the merrier!
Businesses can sponsor one or more families as your way of giving back during this special time of year!
Churches can adopt multiple families!

Please prayerfully consider donating and perhaps even volunteering to spread the love of Jesus this Christmas.

Adopt a Family by signing up below!

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Adopt or Donate?
You personally shop for the Christmas Meal, Gifts, and Tree for a Family in need
You can choose to give an amount towards the Christmas Celebration of a family in need
You can both donate towards a family & Adopt a family to personally shop for them. We will pass their wish list to you!
Give any amount (select only if donating a monetary gift)
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