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A Huge Success!
Commissioner of service Anthony Cantu, was in charge of selecting, "a charity as diverse as this college’s students." Cantu chose OFKS because it was, "A charity that assists families and individuals affected by extreme poverty."
“I chose them because they work with a wide variety of people,” Cantu said. Thank you SGA for making an impact in the community, among your peers, and truly touching the lives of those we help!

Our Father's Kingdom Services was honored to be selected for the San Antonio College Student Government Association's first Charity Ball.

Coordinator of the Ball, Callahan said the SGA, "chose Our Father’s Kingdom Services because it is a well-rounded organization that helps everyone no matter the circumstance much like this college welcomes everyone."

Years ago when God put the mission in my heart to launch this organization, I prayed that God would lead me in creating programs that would offer help for people across the city of San Antonio all year round, but especially for an outreach to the poverty stricken families during the Holiday Season. Even with all of the nonprofit organizations providing Christmas gifts, I had learned that there were still children being missed. In addition, I had observed (while working in the nonprofit sector) that the adults, usually a single parent left behind raising the children, did not receive Christmas gifts themselves.

Our transition of Our Father's Kingdom Services, formerly Elisa Riebeling Ministries and Our Father's Kingdom Storehouse.

A former victim of abuse, Elisa Riebeling, created Elisa Riebeling Ministries to help families facing misfortune.

*Elisa Riebeling Ministries has four programs, Our Father’s Kingdom Storehouse; 24-Hour H.E.L.P.: Helping Emergencies, Loving People; Loving Hearts Single Parents; and Healing Hearts Visitation to assist poor people with different needs. The ministry describes itself as, “serving the poorest of the poor in our city by prayer, outreach and crisis prevention.”

*Some of these program Titles have changed

Knowing firsthand the struggles of the poor, Elisa Medina-Riebeling founded Elisa Riebeling Ministries to help change the lives of the less fortunate in our community by providing them with basic, day-to-day needs.

ERM as featured in Nside Magazine Jan-Feb Issue 2012
Photography: [ROBIN JERSTAD]

Elisa holds such a dear place in my heart. A few years back, when I was having car trouble, she prayed and laid hands on my car in the middle of the street. Nothing magical happened that day, but less than a week later, the Lord sent someone to fix my car and get me back on the road free of charge. Elisa Riebeling is a mother of seven and the Founder of Elisa Riebeling Ministries, a San Antonio non-profit organization dedicated to fighting poverty by helping families, single parents, and abused women.

OFKS Storehouse (formerly, Our Father's Kingdom Storehouse, an outreach of Elisa Riebeling Ministries) was selected to receive donations for SALEG's 3rd annual Wishing for Warmth; an event bringing awareness to those helping the homeless and those working to prevent homelessness.

Last week ACCION held its fourth annual symposium “Inspire. Pitch. Talk.” at the Pearl Stable. The three finalist were invited to share their idea at the first-ever business pitch competition hosted by ACCION.
All the finalists were deserving and had ideas that were unique and served a purpose in the community. However the winner of the competition was Elisa Riebeling of Elisa Riebeling (ER) Ministries.

ERM Announced the Winner of ACCION's Biz Pitch Contest

A cause for celebration! We are blessed and honored to announce that Elisa Riebeling Ministries is the winner of Acción Business Center's first Biz Pitch Contest! Thank you to Acción, to each of the sponsors of the event, Andi Rodriguez, Elliot Garza, Tanji Patton, to all those who voted for us, and to our supporters for your encouragement, prayers, and for helping us spread the word! Most of all, we thank the Lord for this awesome blessing!

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