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City Missionaries seek to fill the gap between poverty and homelessness in San Antonio.
As a child growing up in poverty, Elisagrace Riebeling, Founder and CEO of Our Father’s Kingdom Services (OFKS), remembers how God rescued her – He sent His people to help her.

Using her past experiences, God has called Elisagrace to be a unique missionary, not to a foreign country, but to the city of San Antonio, where she grew up. Today, Elisagrace and volunteers she calls “city missionaries” go where God leads them to help families and individuals in poverty and crisis in our community...

Breaking The Chains of Generational Poverty
By Beacon Editor
Elisagrace Riebeling experienced firsthand the detriment of the cycle of poverty growing up on the Westside of San Antonio. She also experienced the love of others and knew she could help people just like her break out of the cycle,

Meet Kelly - OFKS Partner, Cheerleader, and Volunteer of the Year!

Hear us on The Believer's Journey with host, Alan Cutting.
Hear the details of who we are, what our ministry provides, and how you can help.
We were blessed to share about Our Father's Kingdom Services and discuss the Transforming Power of Community!

“We don’t meet just one need, we address all the areas where poverty has entered: spiritual, physical, and emotional. It’s all done through prayer, and we cannot do this without teaching the love of God, because truly He is the cycle breaker..." Learn how you can help!

A Huge Success!
Commissioner of service Anthony Cantu, was in charge of selecting, "a charity as diverse as this college’s students." Cantu chose OFKS because it was, "A charity that assists families and individuals affected by extreme poverty."
“I chose them because they work with a wide variety of people,” Cantu said. Thank you SGA for making an impact in the community, among your peers, and truly touching the lives of those we help!

Our Father's Kingdom Services was honored to be selected for the San Antonio College Student Government Association's first Charity Ball.

Coordinator of the Ball, Callahan said the SGA, "chose Our Father’s Kingdom Services because it is a well-rounded organization that helps everyone no matter the circumstance much like this college welcomes everyone."