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Your gifts, both large and small, help us to intervene in crises and prevent homelessness.
Thank you in advance for your generous support that allows us to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people and their families each year!

To date, your gifts have...

• Fed families
• Provided hygiene products
• Brought diapers to a single mother
• Help a veteran as they rebuild their life from homelessness
• Keep the lights on and the water running
• And so much more!Thank YOU!

Our Father’s Kingdom Services greatly appreciates every donation.
Your Donations are Tax-Deductible.


Item Donation Guidelines

Please review our donation guidelines below for any questions you may have.

Condition of items
All donated items should be gently used, clean, and in working condition.
Furniture should have no stains, be structurally sound, minor rips (or tears), or broken parts.
Dishes should be washed;
Clothing should be washed, folded and bagged (if possible) in plastic bags; and
All other items should be otherwise clean and hygienic so that our staff & volunteers handling the items can work in a clean and safe environment.

Unfortunately, due to safety, legal or environmental concerns, we cannot accept the following:

Furniture that is covered in animal/pet hair odors, broken, worn, torn, stained, ripped, or missing parts.

Severely damaged or stained clothing, apparel and shoes.

Paint or Chemicals of any kind. Any type of trash or hazardous materials.

Items that are wet, mildewed, rusty, flammable, or in any way dangerous.

Appliances older than 10 years and built-in appliances such as ovens and dishwashers

Due to the modern technology, we can only take flat-screen tvs. Tube, console and projection TVs

Textiles (bed comforters, bed sheets, pillow cases or towels) which have not been washed or are otherwise unsanitary and unsafe to handle

Recalled items.

Exercise equipment.

Due to the cost of disposal and liability issues, we reserve the right to refuse a donation if the items are not in good or usable clean condition.
If your donation is electronics, small appliances and battery-operated items, please make sure they are in working condition.
Children’s items should all be examined carefully and tested before donating.

Donors are encouraged to review the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls and announcements
( before donating

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